pCon.login Help


What is pCon.login?

pCon.login is your user account for a growing number of pCon services and applications. You can use pCon.login to connect to your pCon applications and share manufacturer catalogs and settings with your team or entire organization.

Which pCon services can I use with pCon.login?

  • pCon.update
  • pCon.box
  • pCon.facts
  • pCon.basket Online

Together with pCon.update, you can use your pCon.login to obtain your manufacturer data for desktop applications like pCon.planner PRO.

What are the advantages of pCon.login?

By simply logging in, you’ll have access to all your pCon services online and in your applications. In addition, pCon.login is your central switch point for settings and catalog data sharing.

Who should use pCon.login?

We recommend pCon.login for all pCon users working with configurable product data and commercial information.

Does pCon.login support group work?

With pCon.login, you can put all employee accounts for your organization under the same organization account. Each employee will have his or her own login, but most settings (e.g. Manufacturer Catalogs) can be made for the entire organization. In addition, groups and channels (see below) cover complex team and organization structures and control approvals and settings.

Who can adjust settings?

Administrators can adjust the settings for your organization, select catalogs, create groups and manage organization members. All other users (standard users) can change their own individual user settings, but not those for groups or the entire organization. The first member to register for an organization automatically becomes an administrator. They are able to assign administrative rights to other users.


How do I gain access to pCon.login?

If your organization already exists, an administrator can invite you. If an account for your organization has not yet been created, you can register the organization yourself with your contact details and business e-mail address. Please note: if you are the first user of your organization to register for pCon.login, you will automatically be assigned administrator of your organization.

How does the invitation process work?

Using a form within the pCon.login account, administrators can invite other people from your organization. If you don’t yet have a pCon.login account, have an administrator from your organization invite you. You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Invitations are only valid for a limited amount of time. If you don’t react within this time frame or if the invitation is no longer available, the invitation has to be sent anew.

Whom can I invite?

Administrators can invite all active members of an organization (project group, company, educational institution…) to use pCon.login.

I cannot register for pCon.login because my professional e-mail address is already used for pCon.login. What can I do?

These are the possibilities:

  1. You have lost your password and nevertheless want to use your pCon.login account: Click the Password? link on the pCon.login start screen. Follow the instructions to set a new password.
  2. You need several user accounts for yourself or for a company server: You can create any number of user accounts within your organization account. To do so, please log in as an administrator and use the Invite Users function. Every user account needs a unique e-mail address. It is not necessary to use a professional e-mail address for the additional accounts. It is sufficient to use a free mail address.
  3. You need several organization accounts for your company: Please get in touch with pcon-community-activation@easterngraphics.com. Per default, it is not possible to create multiple accounts for one organization. Depending on your organization’s structure, it can be an option to use different channels within one organization account to avoid setting up multiple organization accounts.

pCon Community

What is the pCon Community?

The pCon Community is an international B2B network of suppliers, sales organizations and multipliers within the interior sector. A one-time and free registration is required for your organization to apply for manufacturer catalogs via pCon.login. Read more on the registration process here.

I have registered for the pCon Community but have not yet received a confirmation. What can I do?

To make sure that your organization fits within the profile of the pCon Community, we check all registrations before admission. This may take some time. If your request is still unanswered after five working days, please contact pcon-community-activation@easterngraphics.com.

Why was my registration for the pCon Community rejected?

Please check the following:

  • Does your organization match the target group of pCon (e.g. matching the B2B network criteria)?
  • Have you entered complete contact and organizational data?
  • Did other members of your organization already register for the pCon Community? Only one administrator per location of your organization is required. You can find the exact reason for the rejection in our e-mail notification.

User Account and Organization

How are the user account and organization linked?

As a pCon.login user, you can be invited to join an organization. Every employee has his or her own login, but most settings (e.g. Manufacturer Catalogs) can be made available to the entire organization.

Who sees what content in pCon.login?

Administrators can view all licenses, users, user groups etc. Standard users can only view their own content.

How can the accounts of different organizations be merged?

It might become necessary to merge two or more organizations in one account. Click here to find out how to do this.

Should subsidiaries and branch offices get an own organization account?

Legally independent subsidiaries should create and administrate their own organization account. We also recommend independent accounts for most branch offices. In this way, branches and subsidiaries can take care of their own members, groups and channels reducing bureaucratic and administrative effort. If the branches within an organization are administrated centrally and hierarchically, it can, however, make sense to combine them in one organization.

What happens to my account when I change companies?

In this case, your old company will cancel your account. You can re-register with your new e-mail address. Alternatively, have your new company or institution invite you.

The administrator does no longer work for my organization. How do I get access to my organization's account?

Ideally, the administrator should appoint a new administrator before leaving. If this is not possible, you need access to the mail account of the retired employee. Request a new password via the button Password? on the pCon.login page. If this is also not possible, please contact the pCon.login team at pcon-community-activation@easterngraphics.com.

I have lost my login data. How can I get access to pCon.login?

Use the Password? link on the pCon.login page to request a new password. If you do no longer know which mail account you used to register, please contact the pCon.login team at pcon-community-activation@easterngraphics.com.

What can I do to change my user name?

Your e-mail address is also your user name. If you also have a pCon.update user name, you can also use it for pCon.login and for pCon.update. If you want to delete the user name and to use only your e-mail (in order to protect your personal data), please contact the pCon.login team at pcon-community-activation@easterngraphics.com.

How can an organization account be deleted?

In order to delete an organization account, an administrator of the organization has to be logged in. In the menu, follow the link Account (Organization area). Klick the link Delete organization account on the bottom of the page. Please follow the instructions. Please note that deleting the organization account will also delete all user accounts within the organization. Settings like licenses or manufacturer catalogs will no longer be accessible.

How can a user account be deleted?

In the menu, follow the link Account (User area). Klick the link Delete user account on the bottom of the page. Please follow the instructions.

Groups and Channels

What are User Groups?

User groups organize specific teams or organization members according to their tasks. User groups can be:

  • Departments
  • Task groups
  • Project teams
  • Users of a specific application (for example pCon.basket Online)
  • Users of specific manufacturer catalogs

Only administrators can create user groups and assign users. Any number of user groups can be created. A user can be a member of several user groups. Through user groups, authorizations can be assigned. In addition, user groups are assigned to channels in order to regulate access to catalogs and applications.

What are Channels?

A channel is a specific combination of catalog permissions and desktop applications within an organization used by all members of the channel. Only administrators can create channels. An organization account can contain any number of channels. Every user can be assigned to one single channel.

How do groups and channels relate to each other?

Groups are used to assign organization members to channels. One or more user groups can be assigned to each channel. The groups contain all users who need the catalogs and applications in the channel. The respective channel administrator assigns groups to channels via the pencil icon in the table on the Channels page.

Who is in charge of channel approvals?

Administrators of the organization can assign administrative rights to users of a channel. These channel administrators select manufacturer catalogs and applications for the channel.

Are channels necessary for every organization?

Each organization automatically contains a standard channel whose catalogs and applications are managed by the organization administrators and are used by all members in the Standard Users group. The channel contains all manufacturer catalogs and applications of the organization. If all members of an organization are supposed to work with the same vendor data, no additional channels are required.

In which cases is it useful to create several channels?

If the members of an organization work with different manufacturer catalogs, channels are necessary. This could for example be the case in one of the following situations:

  • Some selected manufacturers are sold via a web shop; while the sales team needs catalogs off all manufacturers available for the organization. In this case, the channels "Web Shop" and "Sales" are created.
  • Manufacturers provide special catalogs for key customers. The team “Key Account Management” receives its own channel with access to the needed catalogs. All other members of the organization work with the catalogs from the “Standard” channel.
  • The teams on your organization are responsible for different sales areas of the manufacturer catalogs. Each team gets an own channel: “Customers in Germany”, “Customers in France”…

Can a user switch to another channel?

This might be necessary if a member of the organization moves, for example, to another branch of the organization or if a new project team is formed. By means of the Assign user groups feature on the Users page on pCon.login, an organization administrator can move a member to a user group that is assigned to the new channel. Please note: The user has to be removed from the groups in his old channel so that he can access the catalogs and settings of the new channel.

Can a user be assigned to multiple channels?

No. Every user can be assigned to only one channel. Otherwise, there might be conflicts regarding the catalog data used – for example conflicting prices for the same product. If you want a distinct group of users to access content from different channels, please create a new channel and assign this channel all the catalogs and settings required for the group under question. Users that are not assigned to a channel cannot use manufacturer catalogs.

Manufacturer Catalogs

What are manufacturer catalogs?

Manufacturer catalogs contain configurable 3D product models and commercial data for a particular manufacturer, sorted by series and other criteria.

How do I use manufacturer catalogs with pCon.login?

Manufacturer catalogs are requested directly via pCon.login. Click Manufacturer catalogs in the menu on the left side. As soon as the manufacturer has confirmed your request, the catalog can directly be used for your pCon application. These include:

  • pCon.update
  • pCon.box
  • pCon.facts
  • pCon.basket Online

For users of pCon.login who have not yet registered with pCon.update, a one-time and free registration for the pCon Community is required. You can do this directly via pCon.login. Read more here.

Who has access to which catalogs?

The catalog selection applies by default to all users of your organization. For complex organizations, we recommend creating channels. These control the access to catalogs.

Who can request access to a manufacturer catalog?

Every organization administrator can request access.


What is licensing in pCon.login?

Mobile pCon apps and pCon web services are licensed through pCon.login. All licenses are provided for your entire organization after purchase. The licenses can be used by all organization members without additional settings. If not all users shall be able to use these licenses, licenses can also be assigned to distinct user groups.

Where can I obtain information about my licenses?

The License menu displays all information regarding available licenses including license type, expiration date, and the number of possible parallel sessions.

What happens if more users from my organization want to work with the apps and services than there are available licenses?

The number of sessions per license is limited. If members of your organization attempt to use more sessions than are available, an error message will appear. You can see an overview of the active sessions in the License menu.

What steps are required to allow a new/additional colleague to use existing licenses?

Licenses can be assigned to groups (open the Licenses page on pCon.login and click on the pencil symbol in the table row of the license. Select the groups on the side that opens and click Save. When inviting a new member, you also specify the user groups to which he or she will belong. The colleague automatically uses the licenses assigned to these user groups. Without assigning licenses to groups, all licenses are automatically assigned to the Standard Users group. The users assigned to this group (normally all members) can then use all licenses of your organization.

Can I use licenses on several devices?

If you are already logged in to your pCon application on a certain device and you simultaneously log in on another device, you will be using two sessions. To avoid this, please only log in to one device at a time.

pCon.login and pCon.update

I already have a login for pCon.update. Can I also use this for pCon.login?

You can automatically use your pCon.update login for pCon.login. Additional registration is not required. Your catalog selection from pCon.update will also be transferred to pCon.login.

Can I add my organization’s existing employee logins from pCon.update to a pCon.login organization?

Yes, an administrator can invite the relevant employees to join the organization.

Please keep in mind that all organization members will initially have access to the same catalogs and licenses. By creating groups and channels, access to specific manufacturer catalogs and applications can be managed.

I have registered for pCon.login. How can I get access to pCon.update?

Depending on the applications you want to use pCon.update with, there are differences in the set up process. Please click here for an overiew.